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Continued: Langenbrunner Is Proud To Partner With Operation Homefront
Once a disabled service member returns home, Operation Homefront is there to ease the transition back to domestic life by providing short-term housing. Transitional housing villages have been setup in San Antonio, Texas and Silver Spring, Maryland to care for them and their families. Besides rehabilitation, services such as counseling, workshops and resume writing classes are available to assist them. Support is provided for wives of wounded warriors through support groups and a virtual online community for discussion.

"When a serviceman or servicewoman returns home injured, it is the family who is also injured. Usually recovery time is spent in the barracks but we feel that recovery is faster when family is around," Aaron stated.

The benefits of the transitional housing not only quicken the recovery process but the homes are free of charge, fully furnished and all utilities are paid for. Operation Homefront Villages offer telephone service, cable television, internet access and all the amenities of home.

"What is exceptional about the service members and wounded warriors we speak to is that they feel that they're only doing their job. It's our job to be there for them and their families when they return," Taylor stated.

From my own experiences interviewing members of Operation Homefront, I can tell you that this organization is truly a made up of tremendously remarkable people. From the directors to the selflessly kind folks who volunteer their time to each cause, everyone wants to do their share in improving the lives of military families. As those who continue to proudly serve our country feel that is it their duty to their homeland, the humanitarians involved with Operation Homefront are just as passionate about giving back to returning service members. It's their belief that they're doing their part in returning the favor to our valiant soldiers.

Operation Homefront is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in San Antonio, Texas which provides emergency assistance to the families of active military service members and wounded warriors. Their assistance usually encompasses E1-E6 ranks, junior military personnel and all military graduates to active guard and reserve. 75% of clients aided by Operation Homefront are the lowest paid of all service members. The proud charity has achieved the highest four-star rating from Charity Navigator in three consecutive years and prides itself on allocating 95% of revenue to their worthy causes.

In 2009, Operation Homefront met a total of 160,536 needs which was a 144% increase compared to 2008. Their overhead rate was cut to 5% meaning that for every dollar raised, $.95 was made available to their efforts. They continue to partner with the U.S. Department of Defense services and similar non-profit organizations to provide much needed emergency financial aid, necessities and temporary assistance to military families in need.

If you would like to learn more about Operation Homefront please visit their website.
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